Competition Season Begins

Costumes have arrived, choreography is finished and the dancers are ready!

Competition season is such a special time that dancers, dance teachers and studio owners all prepare for 6 months or more in some cases. No matter the trophy that is awarded or score, or special award that is given, I am always so amazed at my students and how far they can grow in a short period of time. I see them and their hard work, the heart that they put into the choreography and the hope that a judge will see them, that they will validate everything that have been through to get where they are. Please know that your dance educators see you, your family and friends see you and we are so proud of you!



Injury Prevention for Dancers


I wanted to share this Infographic! Injuries sometimes happen to dancers. Do you how to prevent injuries? Or when you have an injury how do you communicate with your doctor about them? Don’t be afraid to ask your dance teacher questions about proper technique and training. Everything we do is to support your growth and prevent injury so utilize our knowledge.

Did you notice that there is an increase of injuries as dancers get older? Why do you think that is? If you look you will see that lower extremity injuries are more common with the ankle being the most vulnerable. Make sure you pay attention to your alignment when you are at the barre doing your warmups to make sure your knees are bending over your toes. It doesn’t just stop at the knees though, you have to be aware of everything, even your feet! In paying close attention to your alignment, you will train your body to have the correct technique when it is time to dance in the center and a high prevention of injuries.

Competition season is coming


Competition season is fast approaching and that means tons of organization on my part to make sure I have caregivers for my kids while I am away every weekend. From planning meals (even for myself!), and times I will be home and away, everything has to be planned. How do you stay organized with your busy schedule? Do you use technology? Or do you stick to the old pen and calendar? I use a bit of both; it helps to have some things electronic to send to the important supporters in my life to keep the lines of communication open and clear! What works best for you?