A letter to myself – 10 years younger

Dear Kendra,

I know things may seem very overwhelming right now. Your father has been sick in the hospital for a few weeks now and tomorrow will be the hardest day of your life. Even though this day will change the person you are and echo throughout your life forever, I know want you to know in the coming months your family will be there for you and you will be strong. Don’t worry about the time it takes to grieve, take as much as you need; even though it seems like the process never ends. Take comfort in your friends and use dance as a tool to work your way through this dark time. Dance will become the safe place you can go to, when nothing else makes sense.

As you get older you will realize that you inherited your sense of humour from your father and you will remember his carefree attitude as a reminder that sometimes you could lighten up a little as well. You will carry your father in your heart and you will take him with you in all your travels and to all the amazing places in the world that you will visit. You will take care of your mother, though she doesn’t really need you to, she has shown you what it means to be a strong woman and you two will have a stronger, deeper relationship with her because of this experience. You will think of him everyday and you and your family will carry on his memory at every family gathering; remembering the good times.

Your father always believed life is what you make it … And Kendra… you WILL make life what you want it to be

Take care and be kind to yourself.


February 20, 2011


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