A letter to myself – 10 years younger

20 Feb

Dear Kendra,

I know things may seem very overwhelming right now. Your father has been sick in the hospital for a few weeks now and tomorrow will be the hardest day of your life. Even though this day will change the person you are and echo throughout your life forever, I know want you to know in the coming months your family will be there for you and you will be strong. Don’t worry about the time it takes to grieve, take as much as you need; even though it seems like the process never ends. Take comfort in your friends and use dance as a tool to work your way through this dark time. Dance will become the safe place you can go to, when nothing else makes sense.

As you get older you will realize that you inherited your sense of humour from your father and you will remember his carefree attitude as a reminder that sometimes you could lighten up a little as well. You will carry your father in your heart and you will take him with you in all your travels and to all the amazing places in the world that you will visit. You will take care of your mother, though she doesn’t really need you to, she has shown you what it means to be a strong woman and you two will have a stronger, deeper relationship with her because of this experience. You will think of him everyday and you and your family will carry on his memory at every family gathering; remembering the good times.

Your father always believed life is what you make it … And Kendra… you WILL make life what you want it to be

Take care and be kind to yourself.


February 20, 2011



Monk v. Ballerina (via Adult Beginner)

20 Sep


Monk v. Ballerina

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Teaching Dance!

4 Sep
Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on the Beach d...

Image by mikebaird via Flickr

Back to School

It`s back to school for a lot people and most importantly dancers!!

I am teaching another year, but the added challenge is that I am teaching preschoolers. I am taking this new endeavor very seriously and I want to do it right. I want my classes to be fun and educational for all ages.

So I start with the research hunt. I turn to resources that I have acquired through workshops that I have taken, I use the internet and search the library.

Here is a link to an article that I received at a workshop that I took through PAEC last year and I find it very helpful: http://www.dancestudiolife.com/2009/01/little-kids-big-challenges/

I would love to hear any feedback from other teachers. What do you use for your students that are entering dance under the age of 5?

Love this Quote (via Dance Live Inspire)

3 Sep

Thought I would share this!

Thanks to Kay Ann Ward for the quote!

  Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm … As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others. Audrey Hepburn … Read More

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Eat, Pray, Love: Why A Woman Seeking Solo Joy Pisses Everyone Off (via Broadside)

13 Aug

Love this post!

Eat, Pray, Love: Why A Woman Seeking Solo Joy Pisses Everyone Off Image by elycefeliz via Flickr I haven't yet seen the film, but I did read and enjoy the book, a true story of a middle-class white woman who leaves her marriage and wanders the world to find happiness. You'd think she'd killed and eaten a few babies along the way, so vicious are some of the reviews and commentaries. Now the film is out, starring Julia Roberts as author Elizabeth Gilbert, so are the haters. Selfish! Self-indulgent! Whiny! All thi … Read More

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Very Sassy Quote (via Dance Live Inspire)

5 Jul

Love this blog! If you haven’t read Kay-Ann’s articles, you should check it out for sure!

Very Sassy Quote   The 1st time I came across this quote, I was like wow, what a straight forward way to put it, yes I like this quote. After reading it, I completely forgot where to find it, so special thanks to Kendra Hughes for finding the quote for me. Also we are not sure who said it, Marilyn Monroe or Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. So credit goes to both of them. I think there is a lot to think about in this quote. For me it means, to be silent, to fit in the norm … Read More

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Today’s Inspiration

6 Jun

The Sun Will Come Out…

It might be raining outside today, but inside at rehearsal tonight – it will be about the sun! We are finishing the last the finale piece today and the inspiration is the sun. So closer your eyes and feel the light and the warmth. It’s coming!

As time passes

23 May

Rehearsal today with all the Kinetic Elements crew. Thinking about the shapes today that I want to create, the stories that I want to tell and how I want it to end. Here is some inspiration for today for the Mars section of Eternal Eclipse.

For more information on dates and times please visit www.kineticelementsdance.com

Why I love Sundays

18 Apr

For as long as I can remember Sundays have always represented dance to me. Most of the dance companies that I have been a part of rehearse on Sundays. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, but always on a Sunday.

Now that I have my own dance company, it only made sense to make rehearsals… you guessed it! Sundays.

I find myself looking forward to everyday, but most of all my rehearsals. I have an amazing group of dances that are so talented! Lately there has been many changes, but I think we have found the magic combination of dancers, timetables and more.

I feel very lucky and I can’t wait to share our work with you!

Introducing New Hip Hop Classes in Toronto!

16 Apr


8 Week Beginner Adult Hip Hop Dance Session!

When: Sundays at 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Starting April 25th to June 13th 2010

Where: Classes are held at George Brown College, Casa Loma campus 160 Kendal Ave. Studio TBA!

Cost: Only $100 for 8 weeks!

Come learn all the latest dance moves in a fun and safe learning environment.

—These are not drop in classes—-

 For more information and to sign up email Kendra at kendra@kendrahughes.com or visit www.kendrahughes.com